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For Step-Parents

If there is one thing trickier than being a parent – it’s being a step-parent. Many people are unprepared for the difficult challenges faced by becoming a a step-parent. This can be due to: a lack of negotiation skills; unrealistic expectations; emotional upheavals from the previous marriage breakup; disparate parenting styles; mental health issues; children’s […]

FIFO lifestyle

Got a FIFO Lifestyle?

The FIFO (Fly In, Fly Out) Lifestyle brings a whole new set of challenges, but it IS possible to make it work! Major life changes are stressful – whether it’s a negative change like divorce or bankruptcy, or a positive one like getting married or moving house. This stress is caused by the transition from […]

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Resolving Arguments

Tired of conflict and wondering how you and your partner can go about resolving your arguments? When couples experience frequent conflicts, it can become a repetitive pattern of physical fights, verbal arguments and unresolved disputes. Partners often blame each other for the relationship problems and their dissatisfaction in the relationship. They are likely to express […]

Mental Health and Recovery

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Bulimia Nervosa

People with Bulimia Nervosa engage in frequent episodes of binge eating, and then try to compensate by inducing vomiting, restricting subsequent food intake, exercising excessively or by the misuse of laxatives and diuretics. Typically people with Bulimia feel guilty, shameful or distressed about their eating habits, and have intense negative thoughts and feelings about their […]

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Some folk think of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) as “multiple personalities”, but this is not really correct. Instead, it is a term that is sometimes used to describe people who rely on a breakdown of the normal associations in their experience (ie dis-association) to cope.  We all experience dissociation in our daily life: if you […]

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Hearing Voices

There is a common misunderstanding that only people with severe mental disorders hear voices – for example someone who has schizophrenia. However, research has shown that as many as 10% of the population reports hearing voices. Some people who do hear voices are able to function in their everyday lives. On the other hand, many […]

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What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

We often hear the term Obesssive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) being bandied about in the media or in everyday language. It’s not uncommon to hear someone saying jokingly, “I’m a bit OCD” – but what does it really mean to have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and how many people really have it? Defining “Obsessive” and “Compulsive” For […]